Meditation for People Who Don’t Have Time

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Meditation for People Who Don’t Have Time

Like I mentioned in my first blog, my friends jokingly refer to me as a “personal development whore.” What that basically means is I am open to and interested in learning about all of the ways in which we can help quiet the mind, gain inner peace, and get to know the truer, happier version of ourselves.
Over the years, I’ve learned from many different gurus about the ways in which we can experience a more enlightened state, and one of those techniques I’ve spent a lot of time and energy doing is meditation. It’s the oldest practice of all and it’s probably the most powerful as well.


I was never interested in meditation before.

I was running one business, I was working two jobs, I had a long distance boyfriend, and a lot of social events every week. I did not have time to sit, close my eyes and try to just breath and not think. The concept of meditation made no sense to me at all. It felt like a waste of time. And, I was convinced that I’d never be able to shut my brain off long enough for it to make an impact any way, so I never even tried.


That all changed when I woke up one day

And realized that nothing in my life was working. Life was not easy, and I was not in the flow. In fact, it felt like I was swimming against the current all of the time. I needed a new approach to life and business, and I was willing to try just about anything to get a shift in perspective and outcome.
A friend of mine suggested meditation and this time around, I listened with open ears and an open heart. I started very simply with this guided meditations from Quados Garden.  Then, I started using these free meditations that include Oprah and Deepak Chopra.


Guided mediation is ideal for beginners

Because you listen to the instructions for breathing and visualization, and you don’t feel like a failure if you can’t turn off your thoughts. You just simply follow instructions. For over thinkers like myself, this is a perfect place to start. I did the abundance meditation twice a day. I visualized what I wanted to transform in my life, and within 6 months, I went from running a failing business to selling my entire company to a much larger company.
I didn’t do anything different for my business in those months except meditate. After 4 years of what felt like pushing a boulder up a hill, I stopped, sat down and I just started meditating. I envisioned the sale of my company, and as if by magic, 6 months later, that vision had become a reality.


Meditation made a huge difference in my life.

I attribute the sale of my company in large part to my daily meditation practice. I know that might sound ridiculous to beginners, but that’s the true story. I don’t think it is coincidence. With the help of meditation, I was able to get out of a place of fear, focus on what I really wanted, and use the power of my mind to create the outcome I wanted.
After I was well acquainted with guided meditation, I took it up a notch and tried Vedic Meditation, a practice that consists of meditating with a mantra twice a day for 20 minutes. Michael was an incredible teacher, and over the course of a weekend, he taught me how to implement this practice into my daily life.


In Summary

I’m not going to lie– this version of meditation took a deeper level of practice and commitment. It is difficult to do twice a day every day, so I try to do it 2-3 times a week.
Adding this practice into your daily life helps you connect to what really matters, and forces you get into your body and out of your mind; it ultimately creates a life that feels like more fun and less work.
I know it’s a commitment and some days it feels impossible to find an extra 10 minutes to sit and “do nothing,” but what feels like doing nothing is actually productive in ways that you don’t realize until after you’ve already received all of the blessings it has created in your life.
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